Bagamoyo Coastal Town

Bagamoyo Coastal Town

Bagamoyo Coastal TownA quaint coastal town of the mainland, Bagamoyo was once the centre of slave and ivory trading. History’s presence is strong here, with 19th century architecture, and an original slaving building still standing. Bagamoyo one of the active coastal town of Tanzania mainland has attractions to include the Kaole ruins, sailboat building, lovely beaches, and Bagamoyo College of the Arts, a famous school of visual arts. Bagamoyo Coastal Town. Bagamoyo Coastal Town


9,847 sq. Km [Whole District]

Location & Getting There

The Island is located on the Eastern North side of Tanzania about 65 Km from Dar es Salaam. Getting there can be by:-

  • By road from Dar es Salaam

What to do

  • Explore the beautiful beaches
  • Snorkelling
  • Diving
  • Sailing
  • Spice tours
  • Visit the centuries old Arabic architecture and the ambiance

When to go

  • All time around the yea
Bagamoyo Coastal Town
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