Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s most popular trekking destination and thehighest mountain in Africa, standing at 5895 m. A trek to the summit of Mt  Kilimanjaro is magnificent; it’ll take you through 5 different climatic zones, one which ranks among the greatest outdoor challenges on the planet.

Conquering mountains has always been an obsession for mankind. Hiking up Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest mountain is an outdoor lover’s dream!

The reason why Mount Kilimanjaro trekking is so popular is that this mountain can be climbed all year round. Its location, close to the equator, means that you won’t find the typical four seasons that you may be used to at home. There are only two seasons here: rainy and dry season. While trekking is possible throughout the year, the rainy seasons, from March to May and again from November to December, are not the ideal times to conquer this mountain. Paths to the summit can be slippery so any trekkers should be well prepared with the proper equipment.

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